The contents of this website are aimed at professional users

The contents of this website are aimed at professional users

The Twin Block, an orthodontic appliance, on a jaw model behind the logo of the RealKFO specialist laboratory for orthodontics.

Twin block training March 2022

The time has finally come again. This year we are once again offering our Twin Block training for practitioners. Due to the high demand, an additional Twin Block seminar will take place in autumn on Friday, 16 September 2022. We look forward to every participant! We are happy to accept registrations by e-mail or via our registration form.

The following interesting article about our spring training in March 2022 was published in the November issue of the magazine “Kieferorthopädische Nachrichten – KN”.

“The RealKFO specialist laboratory for orthodontics has been working with the inventor of the Twin-Block, Dr William Clark, since 2005. The specialist laboratory has repeatedly brought Dr Clark to Germany to offer orthodontists in this country advanced training courses on the use of this appliance. An offer that has been very well received in recent years. Even though the demand for this remains high, it is unfortunately not possible to offer courses with the TwinBlock inventor as a speaker in the current coronavirus times. However, in order to continue to fulfil the great demand for information on this popular treatment device and its clinical application, RealKFO offers one-day training courses for small groups of participants in comfortable hotels. The content is customised according to the wishes of the participants, who receive a list of suggested topics in advance.

The speaker for these one-day courses is Roger Harman. The specialist dental technician for orthodontics has been the owner and technical director of the RealKFO specialist laboratory for over 30 years, with almost 50 years of experience in the manufacture of orthodontic appliances and the movement of teeth. Roger Harman’s close collaboration with Dr William Clark for over 15 years ensures that knowledge is imparted at the highest level – even if the Twin Block inventor himself cannot be present.

On 25 March 2022, a one-day training course with Roger Harman will take place at the Hilton Frankfurt City Centre Hotel. This will cover the following topics, among others: optimal twin block design, optimal bite registration with the bite fork, grinding in for bite elevation, handling and activation of the reverse twin block, the delta clasp design and the question of why a twin block tool can be useful. When does it make sense to use a 45° angle and when does it make sense to use a 70° angle? Other possible applications of the TwinBlock technique will also be discussed, such as “MB / fixed TwinBlock” and the TwinBlock as a snoring aid.

The event is aimed exclusively at practitioners. The aim is to coordinate an optimum combination of correct bite registration and perfect twin-block construction. The course fee is 230 euros plus VAT. The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 15. All participants will receive a proposal with over 20 topics in advance, from which the most interesting ones are to be ticked. The most popular topics will then be the subject of the training course.”