The contents of this website are aimed at professional users

The contents of this website are aimed at professional users


Digital specialist laboratory
for orthodontics

Orthodontic appliances in the DACH region for over 30 years

QS Dental

Since July 2021, we have been certified under the QS-Dental quality assurance system.

With this certification we ensure the implementation of the requirements set by the guild in the area of customer and patient orientation.

This means that we can guarantee you, as well as your patients, our consistently high safety standards and the quality demands we place on our dental technology team and every appliance we manufacture.

Das Siegel des Qualitätssicherungssystems QS-Dental, nach dem RealKFO seit Juli 2021 zertifiziert ist.

Popular products

The gentle alternative to braces
The Bionator by RealKFO, a holistic orthodontic development device for the reorientation of oral-spatial functions, on a jaw model.
Twin Block
For distal and mesial bite positions
The Twin Block by RealKFO, an orthodontic treatment appliance for distal occlusion, on a jaw model.
Fränkel KFO
For backbite and forebite
The Fränkel Appliance by RealKFO, an orthodontic appliance for class II correction, on a jaw model.
Herbst Appliance
The alternative to jaw surgery
The Herbst Appliance by RealKFO, a fixed orthodontic treatment appliance for Class II transfers, on a jaw model.

Our range of services as an orthodontic laboratory

In our service portfolio you will find numerous solutions of the orthodontic therapy and treatment spectrum.

From classic appliances to innovative systems, we offer you the entire range of orthodontics, including, of course, consultation and advanced training. The basis for our successful appliances is digital model printing using CAD/CAM manufacturing.

Below you will find a small selection of our services.

Der festsitzende Platzhalter von RealKFO, eine kooperationsunabhängige Variante einer kieferorthopädischen Apparatur, auf einem Kiefermodell.

Fixed appliances

  • Lingual retainer
  • Herbst Appliance
  • Multiband, Indirect Bonding
  • Quadhelix
  • Tongue Guard
Der Elastisch-Offene-Aktivator (EOA) von RealKFO, ein funktionskieferorthopädisches Gerät zur Behandlung von Distalbisslagen, in der Farbe Orange.

Removeable appliances

  • Twin Block
  • Feed double plate
  • Bionator
  • Sports Mouthguard
  • Snoring Appliance
  • Speed Springs Appliance
  • Fränkel Appliance
  • Retractor Arch
Der Positioner von RealKFO, eine sanfte Elasto-KFO-Behandlungsapparatur für Kinder sowie Erwachsene, auf einem Kiefermodell.

Invisible appliances

  • SMARTLine Rail
  • Positioner
Das Twin Block Tool von RealKFO, ein innovatives Werkzeug zur einfachen und präzisen Herstellung der kieferorthopädischen Twin Block-Apparatur auf einem Kiefermodell.


  • Bite Fork
  • Twin Block Tool
  • Speed Springs
  • Transforce

Our catalogue

Are you also interested in other products from our orthodontic laboratory?

Just take a look at our catalogue!

Here you will find all the information that is important for you as an orthodontist.

Das Titelblatt des Katalogs des Fachlabors für Kieferorthopädie RealKFO in hellblau.

Your orthodontic laboratory for orthodontic appliances

RealKFO is a competent specialist laboratory for orthodontic appliances located in Wehrheim near Bad Homburg v.d.H. Hesse.

We are known for a diverse range of new and groundbreaking orthodontic appliances and over the years have earned an excellent reputation as a competent digital orthodontic laboratory for modern and goal-oriented appliances that extends beyond the country’s borders.

We take into account the aesthetic wishes of our patients and for this purpose work closely with dental practices and orthodontists in Germany, Luxembourg, Austria and Switzerland.

Thanks to our good reputation as a quality-conscious specialist laboratory, we have been an established member of the market for orthodontic devices and appliances since our founding in 1994 by Managing Director Roger Harman. We always keep up with the times and stand for the highest standards by means of the latest technologies.

Contact us!

We cooperate with dental practices and orthodontists throughout Germany, as well as in Austria and Switzerland. At RealKFO you will be advised!

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Der Teuscher Aktivator von RealKFO, ein kieferorthopädisches Gerät für die Behandlung der Klasse II, auf einem Kiefermodell.