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SMARTLine Rail

Inconspicuous and at the same time gentle tooth correction

SMARTLine & RealSpeed Springs are innovative aids for invisible and fast tooth correction.

In today's world, where so much revolves around beauty and appearance, patients are very interested in having their teeth corrected quickly and, above all, invisibly. Straight teeth and a beautiful smile often make the difference between getting a job or not. With the SMARTLine splint, this attractive smile is within reach.

Patients often only have slightly misaligned teeth. These can be corrected simply, quickly and easily with the SMARTLine splint. Patients can also wear this innovative splint at school or at work, as it does not interfere with speech.

However, some patients have more severe malocclusions. In this case, RealKFO can recommend the Speed Springs appliance. Here, small innovative springs in a removable appliance do the preliminary work. They gently move the teeth in the desired direction. RealKFO is the exclusive supplier of these springs in Germany. The Real Speed Springs appliance thus performs the preparatory work for the SMARTLine splint, which is used for the residual correction. Your wishes as a practitioner are taken into account at all times.

We create a BeSMART plan for your patient free of charge. Our service makes it easy for you:

Send the models and situation bite to RealKFO or have us collect them from you by UPS.

We will create a customised BeSMART plan for your patient. We will be happy to send you patient information flyers for your practice on request.


  • Dental technicians produce set-ups using the latest technology
  • With a demo set-up, we show your patients how beautiful their smile can be
  • Short delivery times
  • Thin and very robust rails
  • The last set of rails includes an additional retention rail free of charge
  • Very good time and cost management for patient and practice
  • Made in Germany
  • Models are stored for 1 year for quick replacement in case of loss

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