The contents of this website are aimed at professional users

The contents of this website are aimed at professional users


Twin Block Tool

An innovation for the precise and simple production of twin blocks - from the expert for the expert

The Twin Block Tool is an innovative tool invented and patented by RealKFO for the simple and precise production of a Twin Block. The tool considerably simplifies the spreading process and offers an exact 70° or 45° angle. With its precise adjustability, durability, economy and ease of maintenance, it offers numerous advantages for orthodontists and patients. By simplifying the spreading process, providing accurate angle measurement and saving time, the Twin Block Tool optimises the treatment of orthodontic patients and contributes to better results and a more efficient way of working.


  • Individually adjustable
    The Twin Block Tool can be customised precisely to the needs and anatomical features of each individual patient, thus ensuring an optimal fit.
  • Durable
    Made from high-quality materials, the Twin Block Tool can be used for a particularly long time without needing to be replaced.
  • Economical
    The use of the Twin Block Tool offers considerable added value, as it increases efficiency in the production of Twin Blocks and achieves precise results.
  • Easy to clean
    After use, the Twin Block Tool can be easily cleaned and disinfected to fulfil the highest hygiene standards.

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