The contents of this website are aimed at professional users

The contents of this website are aimed at professional users


RealKFO Twin Block training for practitioners – Autumn 2022


Marriott Hotel Frankfurt
Hamburger Allee 2
D – 60486 Frankfurt am Main

September 16, 2022

On request


This workshop is led by FZT Roger Harman –

8 BZÄK/DGZMK continuing education points

Topics covered in the workshop

  • Recognition of the need for a Twin Block appliance
  • Advantages/disadvantages of a Twin Block appliance compared to other orthodontic appliances
  • Twin Block design for class II/1
  • Twin Block design for class II/2
  • Twin Block design for class III
  • Twin Block treatment deep bite as well as frontal open bite
  • Reverse Twin Block for Class III treatment
  • Twin Block design clasps with composite
  • Bite treatment for Class II and Class III Twin Block
  • Activate screws Twin Block, Class III
  • Proposal grinding protocol deep bite Twin Block
  • Twin Block as snoring aid
  • RealKFO Multiband Twin Block
  • Early treatment with Twin Block
  • Twin Block design with shortened teeth
  • Late treatment with Twin Block
  • Treatment with erupting 7
  • Twin Block with midline displacement
  • Twin Block technique design
  • Delta clamp design
  • Dealing with the Twin Block tool
  • Labial arches: when and where

Our workshop flyer

Our flyer for the workshop contains all the important information at a single glance – to share or print out.

The cover page of the flyer for the Twin Block training course for practitioners by RealKFO on 16 September 2022 in Frankfurt am Main.