RealKFO Twin Block Training from and with
TwinBlock Inventor Dr. William J. Clark


Hilton Frankfurt City Centre
Hochstraße 4
D – 60313 Frankfurt am Main


Friday, 29.03.2019
Saturday, 30.03.2019


Per person
599 € plus VAT.
Two-day seminar in English language


Speaker: Dr. William J. Clark – 16 training points according to BZÄK/DGZMK

  • Biomechanics Advances in Fixed Appliance Therapy
  • Fixed Twin Block
  • Lingual Arch Development
  • Transforce Lingual Appliances
  • laboratory production

With German simultaneous translation by Roger Harman

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More Information

The Twin Block technology

Dr. Clark developed the Twin Block in 1977. The Twin Block is now the most widely used orthodontic appliance in the world. The Twin Block is comfortable and aesthetic and was developed for full-time use. The devices are “patient-friendly” and allow a consistent correction of a malocclusion with a strong improvement of facial harmony.
This new presentation shows 33 years of experience in the use of the technique and is a “state of the art” presentation in functional orthodontics.

Includes the following topics: 

  • NLatest research in dentofacial orthopaedics
  • Presentation of the Twin Block appliance
  • case selection
  • Device design and construction
  • Correct bite registration
  • Clinical Management
  • Class II/1 malocclusion treatment
  • Management of vertical dimensions
  • Treatment of the deep bite and frontally open bite
  • Class II/2 malocclusion treatment
  • Reverse Twin Block for the treatment of Class III malocclusion
  • Orthodontics or surgery? New guidelines
  • Extended application range for orthopedic corrections
  • Fixed Twin Block FTB
  • The development of the fixed twin block
  • Fixed Twin Block case selection
  • Bonding methods, materials and protocol
  • FTB in combination with fixed treatments
  • Treatment planning and clinical management

New protocol for the combination of fixed and functional therapy:
Includes the following topics:

  • Review of the techniques of dental arch development
  • treatment indications
  • Case selection and treatment planning
  • TransForce appliance in sagittal development
  • TransForce appliance for transversal development
  • Equipment selection and activation
  • Management Class I, Class II and Class III Malocclusion
  • Integration in Twin Block device
  • Integration into fixed appliances
  • Interceptive treatment in the mixed dentition
  • Treatment in permanent dentition
  • A patient-friendly approach in the orthodontic treatment of adults

New techniques for sagittal and transversal dental arch development

Die TransForce Lingualapparaturen:

Dr. Clark has developed a new range of fixed lingual appliances for transversal and sagittal arch development. TransForce lingual appliances are pre-activated by encapsulated NiTi springs to exert gentle forces from the lingual side to achieve an advantageous change in the arch shape. These lingual devices are invisible and can compete in efficiency with conventional fixed devices. This makes them ideal for orthodontic treatment of adults. The TranceForce device is designed to be integrated into individual conventional devices. The time required for a multiband appliance is reduced by 50%, with a corresponding reduction in the time required by the dentist.

Biomechanics advances in fixed treatment:

In this section, the latest procedures in fixed treatment technique are presented and further developments in design and efficiency are highlighted.

  • Low Friction Delta Force Brackets improve the response and simplify the treatment procedure.
  • Self-alloying carrier brackets offer an efficient alternative in the bracket technique.
  • Twin Force occlusion correction is a fixed alternative to interdental elastic bands.

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