Twin Block Tool

Twin Block Tool Product pictures Description Invented and patented by RealKFO The RealKFO Twin Block Tool is used for the simpler and more accurate production of a Twin Block. Simplifies the spreading process Exact 70° or 45° angle Parallel angle of the



Transforce² Product pictures Description Available in two versions (sagittal & transversal) For transversal or sagittal extension Built-in Ni-Ti spring Variant 1 in 4 sizes for transversal expansion Variant 2 in 7 sizes for sagittal extension Invisible appliances



Speed-Springs Product pictures Description 0.4 mm wire thickness special alloy Four different sizes, each for right and left jaw half Four different sizes, each available for right and left jaw halves The Speed Springs appliance is an efficient


Bite Fork

Bite Fork Product pictures Description Aids for safe functional orthodontic construction bite taking Available in two sizes Blue bite fork for 2 mm incisal occlusal occlusion White bite fork for 4 mm incisal bite locking Optimum centerline reference

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