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Patient-friendly and removable appliance

Teeth experience intermittent forces due to special springs

Particularly gentle movement of teeth

Teeth can be tilted, extruded, rotated, extruded, extruded

Pre-activated springs allow shorter treatment time

Activation and deactivation possible

No loss of strength

0.4 mm wire thickness

special alloy

Four different sizes, each available for right and left jaw halves

The Speed Springs appliance is an efficient removable and easy to activate treatment device that many of our customers swear by.

It is indicated for treatments that do not require jaw movement. Standard appliances do not require screws at all.

The unique character lies in the Speed Springs. A ready-made spring system that offers four different sizes with a wire thickness of only 0.4 mm.

Thanks to the design of the appliance, Speed Springs offer evenly intermittent forces that move teeth particularly gently.
The dentist activates the individual Speed Springs in the appliance in the necessary and desired way. They are easy to adjust, activate and deactivate. With familiar handling, Speed Springs offer material stability far above the average of curved springs.

Speed Springs appliances can be used in many ways, e.g. for tilting, extruding and turning teeth. The teeth can be moved simultaneously or one after the other, depending on the indication.

Enthusiastic users of Speed Springs confirm the attractive price-performance ratio. An innovative solution is available to the patient, the practice team and the laboratory technology, which offers valuable time and cost savings through simple, reliable handling.

The Speed Springs and Speed Springs appliances are available exclusively from RealKFO – Fachlabor für Kieferorthopädie.

The two American experts Prof. Dr. Dave Singh and Dr. Franklin Del Rio reported on Real Speed Springs at a RealKFO course in Bad Homburg. Please read the report of the KN

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