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SMARTLine Rail

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Discreet and at the same time gentle tooth correction

Dental technicians produce setup using the latest technology

With a demo setup we show your patients how beautiful their smiles can be

Short delivery times

Thin and very resistant rails

The last rail set includes a free additional retention rail

Very good time and cost management for patient and practice

Made in Germany

Models are stored for 1 year for quick replacement if lost

For a smile that makes your patients happy.

SMARTLine & RealSpeed Springs are innovative aids for invisible and fast tooth correction.

Nowadays, when so much revolves around beauty and appearance, patients are very interested in having their teeth corrected quickly and, above all, invisibly. It is often the teeth and a beautiful smile that decide whether a job is accepted or rejected. With the SMARTLine splint, this attractive smile is within reach.

Small tooth movement – big effect

Patients often have only minor tooth misalignments. These can be corrected easily, quickly and uncomplicatedly with the SMARTLine splint. Patients can also wear this innovative splint at school or at work because it does not interfere with speech.

Small spring – big effect

However, some patients have larger tooth misalignments. Here RealKFO can recommend the Speed Springs appliance. Here, small innovative springs in a removable appliance take over the preliminary work. They gently move the teeth in the desired direction. RealKFO is the exclusive supplier of these springs in Germany. The Real Speed Springs appliance thus performs the preparatory work for the SMARTLine splint, which is used for the residual correction.

Your wishes as a dentist will be met at any time.

Service is written CAPITAL at RealKFO!

We create a BeSMART plan for your patient free of charge.

Our service makes it easy for you:
Send models and situation bite to RealKFO or have us collect them from you via UPS.
We will discuss with you after receipt of the models:

Treatment goal
cost of treatment
We create the individual BeSMART plan of your patient for you.
We will be happy to send you patient information flyers for your practice on request.

For a smile that makes your patients happy!

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