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Bionator von RealKFO


Holistic orthodontic development device for the reorientation of mouth-space functions

Basic device for three-dimensional disturbances, e.g. distal bite position, occlusal bite, compression of the jaw joint

Shielding device for gaps, tooth rotations, frontal open bite, e.g. types of lollipop, tongue malfunctions

Reverse device for lower jaw protrusion, upper jaw back position, head bite

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The Bionator is an orthodontic development aid for the reorientation of the mouth and space functions, in order to create a healthy bite development. For example, it is recommended for lollipops, tongue malfunctions, swallowing and breathing disorders, various false bites up to headaches. In holistic orthodontics, bionator therapy is a treatment method or aid that covers the regulation of the dentition as well as the entire person from head to toe. In the holistic orthodontic treatment the Bionator therapy is the basis of this treatment.

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