Fixed appliances


Williams Expander

Williams Expander Product pictures Description Transversal or anterior post-development of the mandible When stretched, pressure is applied via the protrusion arch to anterior and canine teeth. Use in early alternating and permanent dentures Fixed appliances


Tongue Guard

Tongue Guard Product pictures Description Fixed, myofunctional and non-cooperative habit therapy Treatment of tongue presses, infantile swallowing patterns, sucking habits Activates facial muscles and retrudes the maxillary anterior teeth construction also removable possible Fixed appliances


Stimulation Appliance

Stimulation Appliance Product pictures Description Correct tongue position is trained by stimulating bodies Cooperation independent Removable variant with fixed or movable stimulation body possible Fixed appliances


SMARTLine Rail

SMARTLine Rail Product pictures Description Discreet and at the same time gentle tooth correction Dental technicians produce setup using the latest technology With a demo setup we show your patients how beautiful their smiles can be Short delivery times Thin and very



Quadhelix Product pictures Description Expansion appliance independent of cooperation Activation of the palatal arch via four helixes Anterior and posterior activation possible Less rotation than removable appliances Depending on the indication, production as Bi-Helix Fixed appliances



Positioner Product pictures Description Gentle Elasto-KFO treatment appliance for children and adults On the basis of a setup up to 3 mm tooth movement possible Retention device for fine adjustment of occlusion Additional patient motivation through mica and colour Patient comfort due


Pendulum Appliance

Pendulum Appliance Product pictures Description According to Dr. Kinzinger Cooperation-independent distal guidance of molars with class II toothing Distal screw for easy and safe activation Enables almost physical distal movement of the molars with simultaneous expansion of the dental arch Alternative to


Palatal Enlargement With Bite Blocks

Palatal Enlargement With Bite Blocks Product pictures Description Cooperation-independent, parallel accelerated expansion of Maxilla Especially suitable for early interocclusal dentition Bite blocks for friction-free movement Is used for cementing Expansion approx. 9 weeks Retention phase in situ approx. 3 months


Palatal Enlargement

Palatal Enlargement Product pictures Description Cooperation-independent, parallel accelerated expansion of Maxilla Indicated for treatment cases with approx. 5 mm transversal divergence Transversal elongation up to approx. 10 mm possible Good intraoral activation due to articulated connection of the adjusting key Assembled Hyrax®


Multiband, Indirect Bonding

Multiband, Indirect Bonding Product pictures Description Brackets ideally pre-positioned Positioning by means of transmission tray Time saving at the treatment chair Available with corresponding bends Individually manufactured tapes with desired attachments possible Fixed appliances



Lingualretainer - molded Product pictures Description Semi-permanent, cooperation-independent retention device Transfer mask including adhesive and etch window Easier handling than glued or with threads Different wire thicknesses & types possible Optionally also possible without transmission mask Lingualretainer -


Herbst Appliance

Herbst Appliance Product pictures Description Fixed treatment appliance for transfer class II Also possible for patients after completion of the main growth phase Efficient, stable and cooperation-independent equipment Joints soldered and lasered The fixed Herbst Appliance is indicated for treatment of Class


Fixed Twin Block FTB 2.0 According To Dr. Clark

Fixed Twin Block FTB 2.0 According To Dr. Clark Product pictures Description Cemented Twin Block variant for correction of a distal bite position in combination with Multiband Easy preparation of the bite blocks in our specialist laboratory or in our own laboratory


Fixed Placeholder

Fixed Placeholder Product pictures Description Keeping gaps open after premature loss of milk teeth Keeping open gaps in case of non-investment after completed KFO Cooperation-independent variant Fixed appliances


Distal Jet

Distal Jet Product pictures Description Cooperation-independent distal guidance of the posterior teeth in case of lack of space of the canini No additional activation Constant, light pressure Fixed appliances


Delaire Appliance

Delaire Appliance Product pictures Description Fixed appliance in combination with delaire mask Post-development of the maxilla in sagittal direction Transverse post-development in combination with GNE Fixed appliances

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